Online Grocery Shopping Made Easy for Zimbabwe – ShopExpress

Grocery shopping can be time-consuming. It is a recurring and essential task. Transit time, selecting quality products, and bringing it all back home, take a good part of your day.  Moreover, staying as an ex-pat in other countries, a need is felt to be part of daily shopping for friends and family back home in Harare. 

The solution 一 ShopExpress, which lets customers shop grocery online from anywhere. The online grocery store offers the convenience of getting quality products delivered to the doorstep in Harare. 

Let’s have a look at what all ShopExpress has to offer in the online shopping space.

Full Range of products

ShopExpress has a wide range of products available on its platform. Listed below are some of those products: 

  • Produce: Fresh from farms
  • Fresh butchery meat:  Including all popular varieties of meat and delicatessen. 
  • Bakery items:  Bread, Cakes, Pastries, and more.
  • Kitchen essentials: Pulses, snacks, beverages, sauces, chocolates, candies, and more. 
  • Top liquor: Bootleg Brandy, Chateau Brandy. 
  • Seafood. 
  • Dairy products and Eggs. 
  • Health & wellness products.

All these products are inspected for quality and precise quantity. 

Easy ordering

The online grocery marketplace features an easy UI and UX, offering a satisfying shopping experience. You can log in easily with google, Facebook, or Apple accounts. Else, you can register using an email address.  

The search results are accurate and it is easy to find what you are looking for. The navigation and the site buttons facilitate ease of ordering. 

The site features multiple safe payment methods. Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit, or debit cards let customers pay for their orders conveniently and securely. 

Order from anywhere

The power of online shopping is that anyone can shop from anywhere, regardless of the place or time. ShopExpress brings forth convenience to groceries. It lets customers access the website from anywhere in the world and order for their friends and family back in Harare. 

Truly collective shopping experience 

One roadblock with online shopping is that there is no way to share the shopping with friends and family. ShopExpress addresses this concern by letting customers share the products on the website to their social media channels, it lets the customers experience shopping together with their loved ones. 

Professional packaging service

Grocery items differ from other products available online, they need to be packaged with care, with respect to what is inside the package. Things like butchery meat, bakery, produce, dairy, and other similar delicate items need to be packaged with care. 

ShopExpress follows industry-leading packaging practices to provide the customers with the quality of the products preserved and delivered accordingly. 

Agile delivery

Similar to packaging, grocery items are essential products and need to be delivered in time to let customers utilize the products when they need them. 

ShopExpress implements Agile delivery practices. They follow a collaborative and seamless delivery process to ensure the delivery orders reach directly to doorsteps in a fast and secure manner, making Grocery Delivery Harare easy.

To Sum It Up 

Shopping for groceries has never been this convenient. On ShopExpress, an online grocery supermarket, with just a few clicks, customers can shop from a range of quality grocery products and more from an intuitive website. The customers can conveniently log in with popular social media accounts from anywhere in the world, and shop groceries for their friends and family in Harare. Thus ShopExpress makes grocery delivery in Harare easy, convenient, secure, and satisfying.