The Truth About React Native Everybody Should Know In 2022

React Native is an open-source and mobile development framework created by Facebook in 2015 leveraging the already existing web framework. This is a framework for building cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and humanoid. With React Native, you’ll be able to build native apps for iOS and humanoid employing a single code base written in JavaScript. So, if you recognize JavaScript and React, you’ll be able to use React Native to make native mobile apps these days.

React Native, developers may work around one tool to develop cross-platform applications with very native expertise. More than that, cross-platform development and React community is continually growing, several functionalities we tend to think were not possible a few years ago, an area unit currently operating utterly while not a desire for native development.

Reasons to learn React Native 

  • It’s easy to learn. You can learn to code in react native even if you’re a beginner. 
  • It offers high-paying jobs. The average salary of a react native developer is $117k+.
  • You can build amazing apps. 

Similar Platforms

  1. Native Script
  2. Xamarin
  3. Flutter
  4. Cordova

Now, in 2021, in a tough competition market, should you learn or should you become a react native developer is a big question and with the many alternatives available in the market. So, here are some pros and cons about React native in 2021 that everyone should know so that they can decide whether to pursue React Native or even hire a react native developer for your app development.

PROs – 

  • What developers love regarding React is that they’re ready to employ and recycle parts developed before by them and the wide React Native scheme. they’ll additionally share their codebase and create their work quicker.
  • Once you learn (or hire) React Native, you’ll build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • As long as you’re not exploitation very difficult styles and interactions, you’re still ready to build superior apps and deliver fully nice user expertise
  • You can arrive on the market abundant quicker to check your player, get feedback and adapt changes consequently while not a necessity for a giant investment.
  • The React Native community is huge. several issues that you just could face throughout development, could already be fastened somewhere out there.
  • Maintenance price – you merely take care of one codebase.
  • React Native permits you to quickly update your app while not requiring the App Store/Google Play to simply accept your changes.


  • React Native isn’t able to use all the blessings and potential of a particular platform. Native apps, on the opposite hand, will extremely maximize functionalities and deliver the last word user expertise within the result.
  • If you think about difficult styles or advanced interactions as an important part of your business advantage, you ought to positively select native development, however, this is often one slowly dynamic thing, and a lot of apps supporting React Native with complicated UI begin to seem.
  • You can access several custom modules, yet, there is also a desire for a few specific elements that you simply ought to build from scratch yourself.


React Native allows quicker mobile development and economical code sharing for all operational systems while not compromising on the standard of the merchandise. High potency and low-cost accounting are the attributes that create work exciting for armies of developers.