Esports Nutrition Tips for Optimal Gaming Performance

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Gamers spend a long period of time on consoles and PC games, often neglecting their overall health. Globally, the average screen time for gamers has spiked up, with some consistent gamers crossing 20 hours per week, and according to studies conducted by the Washington Post, serious gamers end up spending eight to twelve hours on training alone.

What’s more, Nielson’s State of Online Gaming Report attributes this spike to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the gaming industry even though many other factors exist. That notwithstanding, dedicating much time and attention to your gaming setup without prioritizing your nutritional needs can increase susceptibility to digestive system issues and other essential body function defects. Undoubtedly, many gamers are unaware of the nutritional decisions’ effects on their performance, hence why good nutrition is vital. On that note, here are some essential nutrition tips for optimal gaming performance.

Try to stay hydrated.


When gaming for days on end, monitoring your hydration levels is as important as finding the best gaming chair. Spending so much time on gaming can be a good reason to optimize your water intake. As you sweat during intense gaming sessions, your body loses a lot of fluid. Drinking enough water can be directly linked to gaming performance. Medical experts reveal hydrating is essential to keeping joints lubricated, delivering nutrients to cells, and keeping the body functioning at its peak.

Avoid junk food.

Junk food contains artificial nutrients that lack the essential vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates that positively impact your health.

However, breaking intense games like Lord of the Seven Kingdoms to eat is often a problem for many gamers. They tend to treat on-the-go foods as the top choice rather than preparing stew or grilling a whole chicken for dinner.

Luckily, healthy food solutions are now geared to professionals who don’t have enough time to create healthy recipes at home. Some online companies deliver tasty recipes alongside the groceries which you can cook at home. So, if you fancy a dish made up of chicken broth without onion or garlic, it’s just a click away. You can incorporate quality ingredients ranging from fresh vegetables to humanely raised poultry. Generally, such food options can afford gamers an easy way to manage their nutritional needs.

Have a diet plan.

Creating a diet plan can be a scaled-up solution for gamers seeking to improve their performance through nutritional efforts. You can consult a dietician with years of experience for healthy food recommendations to add to your menu. Keeping up with a good cooking TV show can be a great alternative. The same applies to purchasing a cookbook. It can be a solid option, especially for gamers with little cooking knowledge.

Establish a convenient eating schedule.


Getting lost in your own world during long gaming sessions happens very often, and it might be tempting to miss out on ideal eating times. Meal timings are essential, especially for gamers, because the food you eat helps you maintain consistency with performance. Missing a meal can disrupt your body’s metabolism and affect your daily performance. That’s why it’s important to eat at consistent times. A good eating schedule is a great way to avoid digestive complications, cardiovascular diseases, and other diet-related medical conditions.

Gaming can have several benefits for its players, but encouraging unhealthy nutritional habits can leave you with several conditions that can mar your gaming experience in the long run. Therefore, it pays to prioritize your nutrition as you go big on investing in headsets and other accessory options for the best experience in your game room. Players should also prioritize helpful gameplay practices like using a dedicated gaming chair rather than settling for regular office chairs. You can also get an adjustable headrest to tweak comfortability.