Great Tech Gifts to Give Your Businesses’ New Hires

Companies continue to search for solid workers who want to remain with their organizations. Instead of using the same ideas, businesses must think of new concepts to minimize the effects of The Great Resignation. One suggestion is to provide new hires with tech gifts during onboarding. Here are five great ideas to give you a head start.

Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

Employees know the struggle. They make a good cup of coffee or tea, place it on their desk, and wait for it to cool down. Soon enough, you get distracted by work or get called into a meeting. By the time they take a sip, the liquid is cold.

There’s a new way to avoid this issue — a temperature-controlled mug. Technology lets you set a temperature that’s to your liking. The advantage to the device is it keeps a charge for 90 minutes, which gives you plenty of time to get back to your beverage.

Customized Phone Cases

There’s a good chance your new hires will regularly use smartphones. It could be their device or one provided by your company. Consider offering customized phone cases to protect them for maximum productivity.

There are some caveats to consider if you decide on this tech gift. First, don’t purchase inexpensive cases. They don’t provide the necessary protection, especially in industrial areas. Plus, you’ll spend more money replacing the phone cases. So, purchase custom Android or custom iPhone cases with more durability.

Second, customization doesn’t always translate into your idea of design. Other than your logo, give your new hires several options. The more you have, the better chance your new workers will start their careers on a happy note.

Notebook-Style Tablets

Tablets are perfect data entry for workers. It’s especially true when they operate outside the office. They offer more flexibility than a laptop and a bigger screen than a smartphone. However, some employees want a tablet that handles more like a notebook than a computer.

The good news is these are now available as gifts for your new hires. It’s for those who like to take notes with a pen and paper. These tablets act like physical notebooks, except the information is based on PDF files. When done, the material is organized and available across all your internet devices.

Portable Air Conditioner

An office building’s HVAC units are machines that generate a large amount of cool air. However, they still have problems getting it to all areas. Thus, there are bound to be new hires who are constantly warm in the summer.

Minimize this by providing your new hires with portable air conditioners. These are small units that fit on a desk. They create cool air by adding ice and cold water into their reservoirs. The result is continuous comfort throughout the day.

Wireless Rapid Charging Pads

Your smartphone is used more frequently than your laptop or desk phone. As a result, you continuously need locations to charge your device. However, it takes time to reach 100% capacity. Your new hires need another solution.

The answer is a wireless rapid charging pad. It removes the hassle of finding a suitable location to recharge your smartphone. Plus, charging pads reduce the jumble of cables under their desk.

On top of this, the pads charge smartphones much quicker than a standard outlet. Thus, what once took an hour to complete is cut in half or more. In turn, your new hires increase their productivity.

Other Options

There are other options to consider as tech gifts for your new hires. Consider these as suggestions:

  • BPA-free water bottle
  • Self-cleaning water bottle
  • Wireless headphones
  • Wireless ergonomic keyboard
  • Waterproof tech bag
  • Biodegradable charging cable with multiple connections
  • Insulated cooler with Bluetooth speakers
  • Portable laptop desk
  • Electronic organizer for earphones and cables

In the end, try several tech gifts and see how your new hires react to them. Change them up if you find they’re not utilized. Eventually, you’ll find the right combination of tech gifts your businesses’ new hires will enjoy.