WhatsApp Group Admins to Be Granted Censorship Powers

WhatsApp group admins will soon be given powerful and authoritative controls as the Meta-owned service is testing a new feature that will allow them to delete messages sent by other group members.

Currently, group admins are only limited to a few features including removing members, deciding who can join, and sending messages to the group. they will now be able to dictate what other group members will see.

The technology giant is not introducing a new feature into the world of social media but is simply catching up as the tool is similar to Facebook’s comment section feature, which allows a user to either hide or delete comments made on their posts by other users.

Based on reports by Webatainfo, the upcoming version of the instant messaging application could start letting admins delete messages sent by other participants simply by long-tapping them and selecting the delete for everyone option, as we do with Facebook.

After the message has been deleted, the chat will retain a placeholder for the deleted message mentioning the name of the admin who deleted it so as to show all participants the power of the admin to help keep participants in check.

The tool will be useful to both WhatsApp group members and administrators in controlling and censoring the content shared in their group charts.

However, looking from a critical point of view, the new tool may be controversial in that it monopolises power to group admins by giving them too much power, which can be easily abused.

The feature is already available to beta users now and will be rolled out to everyone soon, but before that happens, group admins are going to have to make do with warnings or just remove misbehaving members.