The Most Exciting Features Coming To WhatsApp Soon

WhatsApp is developing a slew of exciting new features aimed at making its users’ lives easier and more secure while using its platform. Today, we’ve compiled some exciting features coming to the Meta-owned instant messaging platform, as suggested by WABetaInfo.

Perhaps the most exciting news for all WhatsApp users is that screenshot blocking is in the works. The feature, which is still under development, will prevent users from taking screenshots or recording screen recordings while the application is open. The new feature will close the loophole in the platform’s view once tool which allowed users to easily screenshot pictures and videos that have been set to view once for a variety of reasons. Don’t rely on the view once tool until screenshot blocking is available for everyone.

WhatsApp is also working on a new undo button that will allow you to recover accidentally deleted messages. After deleting a message, the app will display an undo button at the bottom of the screen. The feature, which has already been released to some Android and iOS beta users, will be useful if you need to undelete the message for any reason.

Another exciting feature that WhatsApp is working on is the ability to view status updates within the chat list. When a contact uploads a new status update, it will appear in the chat list; simply tap on their profile picture to view the update. However, not everyone enjoys status updates, and if you are one of them and do not want to see status updates in your chat list, simply mute everyone so that the updates do not appear.

WhatsApp also plans to release another privacy feature that will allow you to control who can see your online status on the platform. Aside from concealing the fact that you have been online all day, the new tool will be useful when attempting to avoid being bugged. Users will soon be able to customize whether their last seen and online statuses are displayed to everyone, selected contacts, or nobody.

Finally, but most importantly, WABetaInfo hinted that WhatsApp is planning to make some significant changes to account logging in the future. The company is currently working on adding an additional layer of security before you log into your WhatsApp account. When the first attempt to log into a WhatsApp account is successful, another 6-digit code is required to complete the process: another message is sent to your phone number to notify you of an attempted login. WhatsApp is the first instant messaging app to support this feature. The double verification code could be a viable long-term solution to account theft.