Netone’s Rumbidzo/Kuhlenani Gospel Music Mobile App: Review

Netone, Zimbabwe’s second-largest telecommunications services provider, launched a special gospel music application last week that will give its customers access to an abundance of worship songs designed to captivate Zimbabwe’s dominant Christian religion for a low subscription fee of RTGS $20 per day.

Here’s everything you need to know about the music app.

To be honest, when I first downloaded the app, I was sceptical because I expected it to be one of those applications that would not properly function and eventually crush, but the app’s UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are great. The digital platform includes a music page with a plethora of gospel songs by Zimbabwe’s prominent gospel musicians such as minister Micheal Mahendere, Rev TT Chivaviro, Sabastion Magacha, and others. Apart from music, the platform provides its users with pre-recorded video and audio sermons by prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, which they can access at their leisure.

When I tried to use the app’s search feature, I kept getting a blank page. When I searched for artists I’d seen on the app, I discovered that the app only returns results for music that they’d uploaded to the platform.

Netone primarily provided the digital platform; gospel music artists who wish to have their music added to the platform must contact Sonic Sounds, to whom Netone delegated the management of artists on its behalf.

Certain functions of the application, such as loading selected music albums or loading new music, require an active internet connection. However, once the music was played or selected, it remained available even after turning off mobile data and closing the application for a short period of time. The music can be played offline like other music platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music. You might wander around looking for the download option; once you’ve played or opened the songs, they’ll be downloaded. Clever right?

You can easily download the app from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Enter your Netone phone number into the app to get verified. Once logged in, choose a subscription plan ranging from RTGS$20 per day to RTGS$300 for the entire month, which is a good deal given the soaring exchange rate and abundance of music content on the platform.

For starters, the app is fantastic (7/10) and well worth a try, even though improvements are needed, such as adding more artists to the platform. Perhaps more importantly, because the app was designed by Zimbabweans for a Zimbabwean audience, it is critical that they add the option for users to change the default language from English to various local languages