How To Use Less Data On TikTok

It’s incredibly alluring to spend hours looking through humorous videos on TikTok, but do you know how much data the platform uses before you accidentally use up all of your mobile data? Let’s compare the data usage of TikTok to that of other video streaming services, and I’ll also share some advice on how to utilize the platform more efficiently.

How much data does TicTok consume?

TikTok, like all other video streaming platforms, consumes a large amount of data, as video streaming typically consumes more data, which is exacerbated by the quality of the video. A 15-second video consumes 2MB to 6MB, depending on video quality. Low-quality videos consume 2MB, while HD videos consume 6MB, for an average of 4mbs every 15 seconds, 16mbs per minute, and 960mbs per hour. On the platform, HD videos consume more than 1GB per hour.

How Tic Tok compares to other video streaming platforms

TikTok uses less cellular data than other video streaming services. If you spend an hour on a platform like Netflix or YouTube, the amount of data used will be more than 1.5GB if the video is in HD. On 4k resolution, data consumption spikes to over 11GB per hour, demonstrating how expensive video streaming is when compared to these figures. As previously stated, TikTok uses a reasonable amount of cellular data, which you can further reduce by following these tips.

Data saving tips

Data saver mode

Turning on your smartphone’s data-saving mode is the best way to save data. Every smartphone has this option, and you can also enable it for specific apps such as TikTok and YouTube. It will automatically reduce TikTok video resolution and lengthen the time it takes to transition from one video to the next, reducing cellular data usage.

Set limits

Smartphones are also capable of limiting your overall data usage. You can set limits in your phone’s settings. When you use these settings, the device automatically warns you and limits your data usage after you have consumed a certain amount of data in a predetermined period.

Use TicTok lite

Another excellent method is to use the Tik Tok lite app, which is a “lite” version of TikTok that is optimized to consume less data. TikTok Lite also has the added benefit of lowering your device’s battery usage when compared to the regular TikTok app. however the lite version has got limited features in order to reduce data consumption.

To avoid accidental data drain, you should always use the methods listed above to save data on TikTok and effectively manage your TikTok data usage. The best solution, however, is to purchase an unlimited data package.