Econet Rolls Out “Ecocash MasterCard” in Zimbabwe

  • How to Get a MasterCard
  • How much does it cost to transact?
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunication and mobile money giant, Econet, has done it again, partnering with internationally recognised online payments giant MasterCard to become the first mobile money operator to unleash the convenient technology advancement to the public, a development that will assist in reducing cash dependency in the country.

So what is the Ecocash express debit card?

The Ecocash debit MasterCard is a payment card that deducts money directly from your checking account that is directly linked to your Ecocash FCA. It allows you to swipe at POS machines locally and abroad, shops online and offers great convenience as one does not need to swipe or enter their pin to make a purchase. Through this card, Ecocash customers will be able to utilise their funds in ways they could not before, acquiring the Ecocash express debit card or the Ecocash MasterCard allows one to Withdraw money from MasterCard licenced ATMs and pay for goods and services at POS merchants that accept MasterCard payments in Zimbabwe and abroad.

The Advantages of a MasterCard


  • Make fast everyday purchases without cash or checks.
  • Transact at Zero monthly charges
  • Use at any contactless, chip, or magnetic terminals, everywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Withdraw cash at an ATM whenever you need it.
  • Easy to top up as it is linked to your phone


  • Make safe in-store, in-app purchases.
  • Shop online, pay bills, and make payments by phone.
  • Debit MasterCard helps to protect you from fraud. The embedded chip provides enhanced security for your card.


  • Spend like cash, with no interest or late payments.
  • Add to your digital wallet to make purchases with MasterCard.


To get the Ecocash debit card, you first need your visit any Econet shop with at least $5 and your identification card for acquiring the card and then load money into your Ecocash FCA wallet. After that is done, follow these instructions to activate your card.

  1. Dial *151# enter PIN
  2. Select “Wallet Services”
  3. Select “EcoCash Debit Card”
  4. Select “EcoCash MasterCard Physical”
  5. Select “Activate Card”
  6. Enter the serial number on your EcoCash Express Debit Card
  7. Confirm, and then your card will be activated

After that is done you will be asked to give a four-letter Tsudo name that will be used for your MasterCard.


To keep your money safe, the EcoCash Express Debit Card allows you to generate a once-off virtual card to make an online payment.

  1. Dial *151# and enter the PIN
  2. Select “Wallet Services”
  3. Select “EcoCash Debit Card”
  4. Select “EcoCash MasterCard Virtual”
  5. Get a Virtual Card (VCN)

Then, you will receive a message with the code to use for your transaction.