Too Much Pornography Content On Twitter, Are Our Kids Safe?

Individuals under the age of 18 may need to seek parental guidance before using Twitter due to an increase in porn-related accounts on the instant messaging platform, which is now awash with what the company refers to as adult content. Is the platform still safe? How to keep porn content off your timeline?

Twitter is no longer a safe and innocent social media platform for our Christion-dominated society, as the platform has become toxic with explicit sexual videos and images that the platform allows as adult content under its non-consensual nudity policy. According to the policy, pornography and other forms of consensually produced adult content are permitted on Twitter as long as they are labelled as sensitive.

Despite providing mitigations to ensure that people who do not want to see this type of content do not by warning them that the video or image is sensitive, simply labelling pornography as sensitive media is ineffective in preventing children and teenagers from viewing pornographic content on the platform because one can easily tap show on the content labelled as sensitive and one can also easily lie their way through the flawed age verification. Twitter’s irresponsible porn policy should not be ignored because it will only lead to widespread sexual immorality and decadence. Its toxic policies should not be tolerated because they are grotesque and contradict our culture.

The use of the platform by pornographic producers and actors to market their XXX videos other than Twitter is the primary reason for the rise in pornographic content in the interactive space. Following Tumblr’s blanket ban on all adult content (including the female nipple) in 2018, a sizable portion of the pornography community migrated from Tumblr to Twitter.

Other platforms, such as YouTube and meta-owned Facebook and Instagram, have long-standing bans on porn-related content; Instagram recently removed the infamous Pornhub website account from their app. On the other hand, Twitter is continuing to allow porn sites to have accounts on the platform at a time when the world is calling for a ban on all porn-related content on social media in order to make social media a better place.

Twitter will not ban porn as long as it is consensual, and if you must use the platform, here’s how to keep sensitive content off your timeline.

Protect your tweets and approve your followers. This way, only those you approve will follow you. However, this has the disadvantage of only allowing your followers to see your tweets.

2. Filter out sensitive material. Twitter’s sensitive content filtering feature will hide posts that users claim contain sensitive content or have been reported as containing sensitive content. Here is how;

Select “More” in the left column of the screen, then “Settings and Privacy” from the menu. On the next menu, choose “Privacy and Safety,” then “Content you see.” Finally, uncheck “Display media that may contain sensitive content” to ensure you do not see inappropriate content.

In addition, Twitter has a feature that prevents sensitive content from appearing in your timeline or search results. Select “More” in the left column of the screen, then “Settings and Privacy” from the menu. Choose “Privacy and Safety” from the next menu. Choose “Content you see,” “Search settings,” and “Hide sensitive content.”

4. The platform also includes a muted words feature that lets you filter out inappropriate words. This tool enables you to be proactive in avoiding seeing hurtful, sexual, or inappropriate words. The procedures are as follows. Select “More” in the left column of the screen, then “Settings and Privacy” from the menu. Choose “Privacy and Safety” from the next menu. Select “Mute and Block,” then “Muted words.” Enter keywords you do not want your child to see. The word “sex” is used as an example here.