About Eyetro Digital

Eyetro Digital is a private and independently run entity providing tech bulletins with a hunger to cover tech news within Zimbabwe and the world at large. The blog specializes in covering business and Information Technology news, guidelines and professional assessment, views and reviews of products and services. Our pursuit is to serve the local market with tech news and hold the largest online community discussing tech issues affecting the world.
When was Eyetro founded
Eyetro Digital was started in 2017 with a WhatsApp group that focused on disseminating information on tech issues affecting each and every one of us. The group consisted of Information Technology geeks as well as laymen trying to understand where the world is going and to air grievances, people come across on a daily basis within the technology world. Our aim was to create a large voice for the people in Zimbabwe whenever tech is concerned. The WhatsApp group headed by the Administrators then decided to create a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/eyetrodigital) and a website www.eyetrodigital.com as a way to grow its followership.
Who are we
Eyetro Digital has a small team of journalists and IT Experts in different IT fields. The team includes experts from most aspects of technology from telecommunication, Networking, Software Engineering, Hardware, mobile devices just to mention a few. This team strives to bring the best out of their skills to teach and disseminate tech news in Zimbabwe and the world at large. The team is passionate about ensuring that they serve the needs of the Zimbabwean Information Technology community.
Our Vision
Our vision is to make Zimbabwe’s technological environment more attractive to participants and prospective investors locally and globally.
Our Mission  
Our mission is to dominate the technology media space using a unique skills-set as well as a tech-savvy approach that resonates with the changes in global communication space.
Our objective is to deliver unique and with value taking advantage of the integration in the global economy through technology such as the internet. We will continue to leverage on the internet to disseminate the Zimbabwean case to the world as well as to marginalized rural folk who may have an interest participating in the tech space.
We pride ourselves on excellence, team spirit and respect for others as well as a commitment to outstanding customer service.